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Universal Healthcoin, a public benefit corporation, is a healthcare system utilizing blockchain technology as a utility to decentralize the financing and democratizing the fair payment of health services worldwide.

Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution the time will come when medicine will organize itself into an undercover dictatorship... All such laws are un-American and despotic.
Benjamin Rush Founding Father of the United States, physician, politician, social reformer, educator and humanitarian ― 1786
The new system should be fully consumer driven, empowering individuals to be the surveyors and purchasers of their care. Past reforms in this direction became stilted and ultimately incomplete, but the current moment offers a chance to truly rebuild from the ground up.
Scott Gottlieb, MD Commissioner-elect of the FDA ― 2016

Consumer Focused Healthcare Solutions Are A Critical Pathway To Global Freedom


Our vision is to be a global decentralized health cost-sharing platform which is customized for each geopolitical use case. We reward for behavior modification, incentivizing wellness through intelligent personal assistants. Further, we deconstruct the boundaries of research, making the latest medical breakthroughs available to care providers and patients alike. We will deliver the very best health care anywhere in the world at the absolute lowest price.


Here’s how our model works: UhX calculates cash payments across a blockchain distributed-ledger-system utilizing proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) embedded within the system.  Care delivery is validated as Health Care Events (HCE) and converted into Blockchain tokens, in real-time to pay health service providers. Blockchain Smart Contracts are then used to cover the healthcare expenses of individuals using UhX. Health service providers are paid at a Negotiated Cash Price built into these digital agreements.

A UhX digital wallet is created and funded through a system of monthly contributions by consumers to pay for future health service expenses they incur. Wallets are debited as the system requires the contribution of members to share the cost.  The value of digital tokens held in the wallet are tied to the price of XLM.


UhX addresses two major problems in healthcare:

First, the lack of a free market model to boost healthcare quality while reducing costs

Because healthcare is such a highly regulated, bureaucratic industry, the needs of both healthcare consumers and the providers that serve them are often overlooked and ignored. Moreover, consumers are not incentivized to hold health service providers accountable for care quality, cost, and service access. In addition there is little or no financial motivation for individuals to take personal responsibility or “buy-in” to manage their own health.

Second, there are too many middlemen.

These third-party intermediaries (payers, brokers, employers, insurers, governmental) siphon off much needed funds that could be used toward the delivery of health services to those who lack access to care. Creating a health system that removes all unnecessary third-party administrators from the equation is a critical element for  solving the prevailing healthcare crisis.


The following statistics underscore the urgency behind Universal Healthcoin in the U.S.:

  • 19% of our nation’s total GDP or $3.5 Trillion is spent on healthcare every year – that is $10,375 per US Citizen
  • 15% or $500 Billion is spent on administrative and bureaucratic demands of healthcare;
  • 25% or $875 Billion in waste is spent on duplicative services because doctors and hospitals fail to communicate well with each other; and
  • Billions of dollars are spent attempting to secure health data from hackers that could otherwise go to health services.


Not only is there huge waste, but healthcare inflation costs are outrageous.

In their latest report, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) shows how costs are shifting from employers and government plans to to where consumers are seeing higher, out-of-pocket deductible and co-pay expenditures. This is creating a demand for lower cost and higher quality services among cash paying customers, leading to slower inflation of healthcare prices. PWC believes that this model has run its course and will lead to the return of higher rates of inflation in healthcare.

The Affordable Care Act’s push to create efficiencies and financial stabilization in recent years through mandates tied to the adoption of information management technology and the realignment of some provider incentives through “Value-based Care” were admirable. The problem is that it has been a COMPLETE FAILURE in terms of execution as is typical of government programs and mandates. UHX believes a financial change involving the motivations of both health service providers and individual consumers must be created for healthy, sustainable communities.

What better way than to do that than through the UhX Wallet


UhX is a solution that uses the innovative technology of blockchain and cryptocurrency to create a direct personal and financial relationship between the UHX member and their health service provider. UhX eliminates third party intermediaries who interfere in these relationships and waste up to 35% of current health care dollars, monies that could be redirected toward more effective health services.

The UhX healthcare finance system acts instantaneously through the workflow model, shown below, without interference by third parties. It is automated, private and secure with the cost of administration and security built into the value of the healthcare dollar.

UhX’s aim is to re-establishes the trusted personal relationship between doctor and patient using advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The venture capital market recognizes the monumental change in healthcare technology.

The timing is right for the Universal Healthcoin as a revolutionary, disruptive blockchain advancement fueling the future of healthcare.



An individual joins UhX and pays their monthly contribution which is converted into Universal Health Coin.
The transaction is represented online as a block and UhX member identity is encrypted.
The block is transmitted to the UhX network.
The UhX network approves the transaction as valid.
The block is then added to the blockchain which provides an indelible and transparent record of the transaction.
The payment then moves into the member’s UhX wallet for storage & aggregating payment.
The UhX member goes to see a doctor or other health services provider.
The facility uses the UhX Card or Mobile App to acknowledge the member is present.
The UhX block validates the member is active and has available UHX.
Doctor sees the member and provides the health service.
Doctor updates the UhX block with the health status of the member and service notes from the visit.
UhX member data is encrypted in the block and transmitted to the UHX network.
The UhX network approves the transaction as valid.
The block is then added to the blockchain which provides an indelible and transparent record of the transaction.
The cash payment then moves from UhX into the Doctor’s payment system – this transaction is instantaneous.


Mission > Vision > Strategy



Founders meet and smash brains on how to solve healthcare finance and payment problems.

June, 2017

Solution Fit


Research leads to the adoption of blockchain & cryptocurrency as the technology to solve the crisis in healthcare finance and payment.

July, 2017

Founders Fit


Founders form Universal Healthcoin as a Public Benefit Corporation and commitment to making the solution a reality.

August, 2017



Ideas proposed by a close network of experts in healthcare, finance, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

Sept, 2017


Lean Startup

Product Fit


Founders begin recruiting the advisory group of diverse and industry experts, mentors and consultants.

Oct, 2017

Market Need


Ideas are finalized for the use of blockchain and a utility token to create an open market, health cost-sharing model with scalability.

Oct, 2017

Market Need


White paper, executive summary, memorandum and website are published.

Nov, 2017


Scale Up

Market Fit

Private Pre-Sale

Prep for the launch of the pre-sale of UhX where funding is acquired via pre-purchase discounts of UhX.

Jan, 2018

Business Model


The whitelist is open in preparation for the public pre-sale.

May, 2018

Business Model


The MVP Universal Health exchange and wallet system is developed in preparation for the Token Sale.

June, 2018

Token Sale

Release to the Public

UhX ICO – Independence from the Centralization of Healthcare

July, 2018

Full Deployment


The UhX is released to the community for worldwide access, scaling and adoption.

3QTR 2018
Co-founders Courtney P. Jones and Dr. Gordon Jones are successful entrepreneurs in their respective fields of internet search, crypto market analytics, and HealthTech/FinTech respectively. They possess the experience and a broad network of experts with extensive resources to launch Universal Healthcoin and build it into a worldwide success.


Courtney P. Jones Chairman & CEO
Dr. Gordon Jones President & COO

Expert Advisors and Consultants

Richard Smith, PhD Crypto Analytics & AI and Board Member
Brian Beasley Multi-media Expert and Board Member
Jacque J. Sokolov, MD Health Plan Design
Stephen Brickell UHX's IBM Sponsor
Duane Bender MEDIC Excutive Director
Michael Barnard IBM Blockchain and AI Strategy
Raj Balasubramanian STSM Program Director IBM Cloud
Brian vanOosten MEDIC Project Manager
Justin Fyfe MEDIC Tech Architect
Joel Garcia AllCode ICO Consultant
Russ Alba Black Swan Legal Counsel
Scott Roethle MD FASA Medical Services
Tricia Nguyen, MD, MBA Health System Design
Nick van Terheyden, MD Digital Health Tech
Bithia Anderson, PharmD Health Economics
Tony Meggs Health Cost Sharing
Justin Jovanovic Crypto & ICO Expert
Richard Kersh Human Factors AI
Jaana Simula Blockchain Solutions
Mark Lambert Risk Mitigation
Aadli Abdul-Kareem Medical Interoperability
Michael Scott Blockchain Journalist

Strategic Collaborators


UhX is currently the only organization solely focused on solving the finance and payment problems in healthcare by utilizing blockchain and leveraging cryptocurrency to achieve fair payment for both consumers and health service providers. It takes a community of stakeholders from consumers to health services providers, programmers to marketers, to operators and tech partners to make our vision happen. We are hoping you all will join us!
Feel free to reach out to us for any reason and especially to:
  • Ask a UhX team member how we can help you with any question.
  • Send your kudos and support for our work to reinvent healthcare finance and payment.
  • Join our team as a member or collaborator.
Just make sure to detail your message so we can route it to the best person to serve you.